American, born 1991, lives and works in Paris, France

Her work consists of performance and video pieces, in which she transmits an experience or perspective using a repertoire of skills and knowledge specific to the context. She works directly from her own observations drawn from institutional or professional environments. She chooses contexts that inherently have figures of influence, who are employed for their expertise and ability to convey their knowledge to a willing public. Kathryn Marshall adopts the behavior and manner of speaking of such figures in her performances to expose a larger theme and remove the façade put in place by the establishment.

She conceives art pieces that are as verbal as they are corporal, where her body is engaged directly in the video or performance in either a gymnastic, a choreographic, or a gestural way. With humor as a tool, she highlights the ignored or forgotten facets of our institutions and industries. She has appeared, for example, as a historical tour guide, a TV host, a dance instructor, a yoga teacher, a docent, and a chef.