French, born 1992, lives and works in Paris, France

“Pierre Seiter says nothing that we do not already know. His work does not consist in saying what has not been said yet, but in repeating, as often as possible and in the smallest space. His images, like lived images, start from the immediate to show the essential. We look at them with the feeling of a clear, united trajectory. An obviousness. Obviousness of the raw material, obviousness of creation; forms of life itself that are confused by the imagination of the artist to the point that elaboration seems absent, itself confused with the view taken by the photographer on beings and things: vision of the world where the gaze is not differentiated from what is shown. We see, we think we see, that.

Yet we have to drill holes in it to see, (and hear, and feel), what is lurking behind. Then, we can manage to touch the matter and the image has only the appearance of what we thought we saw.”

Text by Louise Millot