German and Russian, born 1994, lives and works in Düsseldorf, Germany

Taisiya Ivanova’s work, and as she has to write it in the third person, it seems more natural for her to write about what she’s thinking right now. The reason is not stubbornness, but her enthusiasm to see her growing. Taisiya is interested right now (July 20th, 2017) in the moment of realization, that all works she was doing before, happened without a strong inner voice / inner guide. Where are the points which appears again and again independent of external factors? One point appears always at the end. The realization that the voice was there, that I can love myself. That’s why I’m asking myself “What can I do to make you feel better?” Through the 10-hour performances she did in the last months, she started develop a so called „inner voice“. With this tool she takes the opportunity to make her first object installation. She wants to make a protective shield out of things which her parents bought for her before the 10 hours crawling performance, because they were concerned: a sleeping pad, a raining poncho, knee and hand pads, wound dressings, leggings. She places this assemblage in Paris. She also decides to print removable tattoos (the abstraction of a bruise) and ask different people during the opening if she can put it on their skins. She pays attention to which kind of conversations are happening during this process. The idea of aestheticize violence is an important movement in her life. She deals in this piece with a question, how we can abstract traumatic experiences so we can use them in a constructive way.