Swiss, born 1990, live and work in Lucerne, Switzerland

“The building-material of the two young artists, Attila Maria Wittmer and Florian Paul Koenig, short Wittmer&Koenig (*1990, live and work in Zurich and Lucerne) shows preferably the construction profile (dt. Bauprofil). Through their former initial training, both were familiar with the construction profile which is used to mark the planned structures. Internationally it is a little to unknown object. It underlines the democratic processes that are so typical for Switzerland. Simultaneously they are fascinated by the invisibly drawn lines and the modular volume signalled by the construction profiles. However other important subjects are evoked by the placement of this object in the exhibition context such as the emphasis of the inside vs. the outside, the private vs. the public.”

Alexandra Blättler (Curator at Alte Fabrik in Rapperswil, Coal-Mine in Winterthur and Co-Founder of the Klöntal Triennale)